If you're a writer, author, or publisher, you need to learn . . .

"How To Self-Publish Your Own Book,
Get Famous, and Make Well
Over $250,000 per Year"

(Here's a comprehensive system to help you make
some REAL money as a writer/publisher)


Dear Author/Writer/Publisher,

The fact is that very few authors make any REAL money.

I'd like to show you a system to help you make at least a quarter of a million dollars with your book.

If you'd like to learn how to publish your own book and make a boatload of money in the process . . . you've come to the right place. If you already have a book, keep reading. This system will work for you as well.

At a seminar of mine not long ago a woman was sitting in the front row. I went around the room at the start of the event and asked who in the group already had a book that was published.

When we got to my friend sitting up front, she reported that she had three books. All published by a large New York publishing company. She then went on to tell us about her full time, DAY job.

Even with 3 "successful" books on the market she still had to work a full time job. This is ridiculous! But . . . . . it happens all the time!

If you're considering writing and/or publishing a book . . . STOP! Don't make a big mistake and go the "traditional" publishing route. Publish it yourself!

But don't stop reading if someone else has already published your book, you can still make some REAL money with the system I propose you follow.

Follow the system I suggest and you'll make double or triple what most authors do.

This system revolves around the following indisputable fact. One author in 10,000 makes any real money just from their book alone. The big money is made on what is called the "backend."

What if you don't follow my system?

I guess you might be able to struggle by. You may make a decent living. The problem is that you will be way below your potential.

You won't be making the money you should be. Your message won't get to as many people as you might have liked.

You just won't have that extra "oomph" that will turbo-charge your marketing machine.

You need to develop a system that I call the "funnel" system.

Anthony Robbins is a good example of someone who knows how to use the FUNNEL system.

You can go into any bookstore and get a one cassette audio program of his for around $10. You can also buy one of his books for around $20. You can then get a set of his audio tape programs for somewhere around $50 or $60.

He has products that he will sell you at just about any price point you like. All the way up to $25,000 to go sit at the feet of the "master" himself. I hear that he even has a few select clients who pay him $1,000,000 a year to do personal coaching.

Wow! Amazing isn't it? YOU can too!

If you want to be successful you have to take those who are already successful and basically copy them. I don't mean you should copy their content or materials, I mean you should copy their formula.

I have designed a very specific system for you to copy. Nothing has been left to chance. It is all detailed and explained. There are no mysteries. All it takes is for you to do it.

Many products like the one I'm asking you to invest in are difficult to figure out. Not this one. There are very specific suggestions for you to do at each step. No confusion. No guess work.

All you have to do is follow the system.

(If you're already an author, keep reading. This system will work for you as well)

Your 4 Steps to Success as a Publisher

Step#1: Create your systems.

All of us (including myself) have good intentions. We say we're going to do this or that, but we don't. You must have systems for any and everything you do as a publisher. Either direct, or indirect. If you sell your book to someone directly then you'll capture their names.

Step #2: Develop your backend.

Your book is your front-end product. What you sell first. But if that is all you sell, you won't make any real money.

Step #3: Capture names and emails of your buyers and inquirers.

The most important thing you need to get from people is their names and email addresses. People who don't understand my system always freak out when I tell them that the only purpose of your book is to capture peoples' email addresses.

Step #4: Trade your buyers up.

Once someone buys from you. You have to have a systematic way to get them to buy more and more of your products and services. This assumes that you have a back-end. But unless you have a system to trade your buyers up, you don't even need to have a back-end. If you learn my system to properly trade your buyers up, you will make 20 - 30% more.

Will this system work for fiction authors as well?

The answer is yes. I have a number of fiction authors who have used my system with phenomenal success. But to be sure, try it and you tell me. If it doesn't work for you, return the system, NO hard feelings.

Do you have a book idea in mind? Maybe a book almost written?

You've got one completed? Great. You've come to the right place.

If you'd like to make more money and have greater control over your book, you need to learn about a system that will help you do just that.

Not understanding the system I'm about to outline for you here may lose you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe even more.

The key to understanding how to make real money in the publishing business is to understand that your book is the BEGINNING and not the end of your process.

Unfortunately, most authors don't understand this. YOU will no longer be among them.

You already have a book?

No problem! This system has been proven to work for authors who already have a book.

Now you need to get some tools that will really help you double or triple your revenues. My system will show you exactly how to do it.

Here's what You'll Learn in my self publishing for maximum profit system:

  • 3 foolproof ways to produce an audio program that will sell
  • How to produce a product in under an hour that could easily make you $100,000 next year
  • Rocket your profits by over 300% with easy to produce products
  • 27 point checklist for you to follow to complete your book
  • 4 reasons why self-publishing is your best option for getting your book on the market
  • When to consider going to a traditional publishing house and why
  • Which type of person should definitely not self publish
  • Why videos are your best products to produce and how to get them done cheap, but GOOD
  • 4 simple reasons why self-publishing is your best option - HANDS DOWN!
  • 3 Reasons why people don't get started writing their books and how you can avoid them
  • Researching your books with the maximum results in the minimum amount of time
  • Setting up your publishing empire for maximum efficiency - even if you're a one man/woman band
  • Simple systems to handle all of the necessary documents and forms (ISBN numbers, copyright, etc.)
  • A detailed timeline will insure that you're kept on-track and don't leave anything out
  • 5 Ways to get your book written o Secrets to getting your book edited that will cost you little or no money
  • How to get your book looking pretty so it can go to the printer
  • Understanding the key components of a book and why you need to understand them
  • Why your title is the most important decision you can make as it relates to your book and how to create them
  • It doesn't take a genius to write a book and why higher intelligence might actually be an impediment to your success
  • Printing secrets every book publisher, author and writer needs to know

    And there's more:

  • 7 things that MUST be on the back cover of your book to help you sell more effectively
  • What your books front cover must do and why
  • Should you hire a book cover designer?
  • Selecting a binding for your book
  • Determining the size of your book
  • Pricing your book for maximum profit
  • Promotional materials for my book o Book reviews: how to get them and how to use them for maximum effectiveness
  • Distributors: the good the bad and the ugly reality of book distribution
  • What are wholesalers and what you need to know about them
  • Chain stores like Barnes and Noble and Borders
  • Selling to Libraries
  • Book Fairs: worth your time and effort or not?
  • Systems to get you booked on radio - comments from the foremost expert in the country on radio interviews
  • Getting people to give you great testimonials
  • Non-traditional sales techniques: going direct to the buyers o Merchant accounts
  • Your website: what you must have
  • Setting up dealers for your books
  • Filling orders for your book
  • Understanding the funnel system and how it work
  • Creating audio tapes that will bring you in a ton of
  • Creating video tapes that will generate you
  • Seminars as a means of selling
  • Speaking engagements
  • Making more than 50% of your total revenue from "Back of the Room Sales" at your speaking engagements
  • Make an additional $25,000 a year holding your own multi-day Bootcamps
  • Coaching: Have people coming to you for one-on-one
  • Tele-seminars: yet another source of significant income ($20k plus yearly) as a publisher
  • Consulting work will fall in your lap as a result of this system - it requires you to do ABSOLUTELY no outbound marketing for your consulting work
  • Creating a database that will be worth thousands of dollars to you over the next few years

Here's What Others Have to Say About My System:
(All of these comments are fully documented and on file in our office)

"Way beyond the focus of self publishing, this system is a blueprint and business plan for successfully marketing any product or service."

Ann Hunt, President, Hunt & Company, New York, NY

"I found your seminar to be inspirational - you have given me concrete, specific information - things that I can actually do. Thank you."

Wendy Weiss, Author, Cold Calling for Women

"I¹ve been to other Fred Gleeck seminars but this one really hit home. This was one day well spent. I can now turn an idea into a marketable product without wasting time and money on useless marketing."

Joanne Black, Medical Marketing Consultant Author,
" 101 Ways to Market your Home Based Billing Business"

"On a scale of 1 - 10 your seminar was definitely a 10! Fred¹s seminar on self-publishing is something any entrepreneur should attend who¹s serious about self-fulfillment and financial achievement. It¹s filled with meaty information you can apply immediately upon returning to the office - information that will have a very positive affect on your net profits."

Mark Wille

"The seminar was excellently prepared, with a wealth of information to direct the novice and professional to use a book as a marketing source. The course laid the pathway, and all one has to do is follow the guidelines for success both emotionally and financially."

Michael Collins, Author, New York City

"Practical, thought provoking, inspiring and effective. I¹d recommend it to anyone who is of the mind to get that book out of his system and out into the marketplace."

Don Alexander

"Fred¹s Self Publishing seminar generates, motivates and activates one¹s excitement to just go out and do it. Take each part of the self-publishing process and be challenged by it, not afraid of it."

Sora Vernikoff, Author: "Eat What you Want! Stop When you Want!"

"I give him a 10. Fred Gleeck is Fantastic. Super! Outstanding! He tells you what to do, how to do it, and he sets you in motion for success. A day with Fred Gleeck is a day on the road to success."

Dr. Ellen Ettinger

"Fred¹s 1 day How to Self Publish seminar was extremely motivating and informative, Fred has a wealth of information and delivers it with clarity and humor; thus making the day not only interesting, but fun. A definite 10!"

Michelle Findley

"I rate seminars according to their return on investment. Any time I¹ve invested in any of Fred¹s seminars has resulted in a tremendous return. You cannot afford not to take Fred¹s courses."

Catherine Wilson

"Great book! . . . Your understanding that niche marketing increases profit and how to execute that fact is very impressive . . . simple and profound. Your willingness to sacrifice ego for marketing intelligence is perhaps your greatest strength."

John Jones, Fusion International, Las Vegas, NV

"All of this information was very good. This information at this time is almost like a message from above . . . It was so power packed with good stuff that I cannot believe I am getting this gift right when I needed it. Thank you. I am just awestruck by the fact that all of this information has been so timely for me."

Benita Beckles, Publisher and Author,

"You must buy Fred's book. Your investment will be repaid times 100 in the very first month!

Nate Booth, Entrepreneur and protégé of Anthony Robbins

"Fred Gleeck's products are a road to success in business and in life. I'm glad that I get to learn from the best."

Daniel Ng, Computer Wiz Kid, News Jersey

"Fred Gleeck's knowledge of internet marketing and his ability to teach it are both unparalleled!"
Don Hutson, Past President, NSA; Author, Speaker and C.E.O. of U.S. Learning
"A lot of great, useful ideas in a short time - very information-dense."
Mark Sanborn, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA
"All meat, specific recommendations, all documented in handouts, illustrated with real world outcomes and delivered with conviction! Fred is blunt and practical so get ready to get real when listening to him."
Jim Cathcart, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA
"More profitable ideas per minute than I could imagine."
Dru Scott Decker
"Fred Gleeck is amazing. He knows it all - and can help you use it all - in your website and internet marketing."
Bert Decker, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame
"An idea a minute - great marketing information as well as technological how-to's."
Dianna Booher, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., author of 42+ books
"Fred's passion is only exceeded by his knowledge. What a spectacular presentation!"
Scott McKain, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame
"Wall to wall power packed content.WOW!"
Danny Cox, C.S.P, C.P. A.E.
"Content Packed . . . Fast Paced . . .Multi faceted . . . Stimulating . . Generous!"
Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of FamePast President, NSA
"When the student is ready, the teacher appears!"
Jim Rhode, Past President, NSA
"Entertaining . . . handouts loaded . . clearly understandable . . . available . . .confidence builder . . . Masterful presentation .. . Fred just keeps on giving."
Ty Boyd, C.S.P., C.P.A.E; Member: Speakers Hall of Fame, Broadcast Hall of Fame
"I can use the content and resources provided to me to make money 24/7 through cyberspeace. I now know what I have to do to make that work, and I can't wait to put this information to work."
Terry Paulson
"This seminar blows the competition away. Discover a marketing program so complete you'll instantly receive the tools necessary to launch your success. This seminar is a must for anyone desiring to take their marketing campaign to the next level."
Jilliana Raymond

Who is Fred Gleeck?

My name is Fred Gleeck and I've made over $2,163,000.00 selling information products. I have authored 5 books with 3 more on the way. I've also produced over a hundred audio and video programs for myself and my clients. I've taught thousands of authors, speakers and consultants just like you how to make serious money.

Do I have any special skills that YOU can't learn? Absolutely not. Follow my system and you'll be able to make as much or more than I have. You've got the smarts, I've got the system. I'd like to share the system with you.

Why only $77?

The cost of this program is just $77. It consists of a complete, unedited recording of my 1-day seminar. It is a live version of a recent seminar of mine in New York City.

The system also includes all of the bonuses listed below.

If this stuff is so good, why am I selling it so cheap?

Good question.

Given the cost of my time, I will actually lose money when you buy this product. That is if you include the cost of the bonuses listed below. The average value of one of my clients is over $200 in this market. I make my money when you become a client of mine for a lot of my other products and services.

But there's no way you'll buy the more expensive items from me unless I first impress you with this product. So, it better be good or I'm in big trouble.

100% No B.S., No Questions Asked,
Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

This is absolutely, positively the best information out there that you can find on the topic of self publishing. I know because I have read all the other books and been to everyone else's seminars. All of them have their unique elements. I think there are three great books out there on self publishing.

First, there is Dan Poynter's "Self Publishing Manual." Dan is the undisputed "king" of the self publishing business. I like Dan. He's a great guy and has written a great book.

The second book is John Kremer's 1001 Ways to Market Your Book. I also know and like John. His book is the definitive guide on how to market your books. There is a TON of information packed into his book that you can use to multiply the sales of your books many times over.

The third book is mine. "Publishing for Maximum Profit" gives you a system to make a boatload of money. If you don't want to make a lot of money, then take a pass on my book.

Even if you're a person whose primary goal is to "save the planet," why not learn how to make a whole lot of money so you can GIVE IT AWAY!

Learn my system and you'll get your valuable message out to a whole lot more people. The other two great books don't give you a SYSTEM. A system guaranteed to help you make an absolute fortune. In my system, all you have to do is follow the road map that I give you. It's really that simple.

But don't believe me, try it for yourself. If you don¹t think that the information you get is worth 10 times more than the $77 I'm asking you to pay for it, SEND IT BACK! Within 60 days? 90 days? No.

If at any time for the rest of my life you aren't happy with this information, I DEMAND you send it back. This is the strongest guarantee that anyone who sells anything in the publishing industry offers. How can I offer a guarantee like this? Simple. My system works!

Whether you buy my "stuff" or not, I implore you to ask others in this industry why they don't offer the same guarantee.

And as if that's not enough . . .

Invest in this system now and get these 3 Bonuses worth over $383:

Bonus #1: Your most valuable bonus is a 30 minute consultation with me over the phone. I charge $375 an hour for my time. So this bonus is worth $187.50.

You get 30 minutes of my time to use any way you want. I consider this to me the most valuable bonus because we can discuss your individual situation and discuss your options. I suggest you use it after you've gotten the system and gone through it completely. But it's entirely up to you. It's your time to use as you want.

Bonus #2: You get a 50% discount to attend any of my seminars or bootcamps. This bonus is worth a minimum of $97, but could be worth over $500 if you use it to attend one of my bootcamps. This is a valuable bonus as audience members give my seminars and bootcamps a combined rating of a 9.6 on a scale from 1 to 10.

These seminars are a great way to help catapult you into mega-profitability in your publishing business. Each of the seminars and bootcamps have a "hot-seat" where your individual situation is discussed and suggestions given by myself and the other participants. Some people have found this to be an experience worth thousands of dollars.

Bonus #3: You get a pdf copy of my book: "Selling Products from the Platform." This sells for $99 on amazon every day of the week. It will give you a system to help you double or triple anything that you sell when you are speaking in front of a group.

Here's what Roger Dawson, the well known author and speaker on negotiating had to say about this book: "Fred Gleeck is a master at selling product from the platform. He shares all his secrets in this comprehensive book. It's worth its weight in gold to a speaker who wants to make more money in the back of the room."

Let's Recap what you'll get:

  • You get the entire marketing system (my 1-day seminar) for just $77
  • The electronic version of my book (when it's finished): "Self Publishing for Maximum Profit"
  • 30 minutes of my consulting time on the phone to answer any question you might have
  • 50% off any one of my seminars and/or bootcamps the electronic version of my book: "Selling Products from the Platform."

I don't know what else to tell you except . . .

Order the Downloadable MP3 at $77!

Order the Audio CD at $197!

Best Wishes for Your Publishing Success,



Fred Gleeck

PS - Make sure and sign up for my free "Publishing for Maximum Profit" tips by sending an email to tips@selfpublishingsuccess.com. I'll let you email you any time I get a hot marketing tip that you should know. These tips will be geared to helping you do one thing and one thing only - making more money. Things are changing so rapidly in this industry that I want to give you the latest marketing ideas that come across my desk. They will not be delivered on a specific time frame, but whenever I find a new idea.

Order the Downloadable MP3 at $77!

Order the Audio CD at $197!